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    Profile servo winding machine

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    Profile servo winding machine
    Gyj-003 servo auto rim winding machine technical parameters
    Equipment introduction
    ?該卷圓機用于各種輕型汽車、載重汽車等型鋼車輪輪輞的卷圓,以達到把型材直料卷成近圓形的作用。 Through the replacement of rollers can adapt to different sizes of steel wheel rims round requirements.
    ?卷圓由45KW伺服電機提供動力。 It has the advantages of low energy consumption, low noise and low cost of replacing hydraulic oil.
    1. Roller length: 400mm
    2. Round range: 16-25 inches straight.
    3. Number of main engine roller: 4
    4. Number of driving shafts: 3
    5. Number of adjustable shafts: 3
    6. Spindle speed: 17.5 RPM
    7. Rotation speed of the lower roller :33.6 RPM
    8. Weight: about 13000Kg
    9. External dimension: 3700X2350x2800mm
    It is about equipment  introduction that this coiling machine is used for all kinds of light truck, truck and other profile steel wheel rim coiling circle, in order to achieve the profile straight material coiling the role of near Circle. By changing the rolling mould, it can  roll circle of the profile steel wheel rim which is different specifications and sizes. The original model of this machine has been improved, the performance is better.

    · .The machine is composed mainly by the frame, motor, transmission system, rollers and other components. 
    · .This machine can be pre-rolled to reduce the process flow. 
    · Coilling is powered by 45KW SERVO motor. The utility model has the advantages of low energy consumption, low noise, no hydraulic oil replacement and low use cost, etc. This machine can automatically feed, return material, reduce Labor intensity.

    technical parameters
    1, roll length: 400 mm
    2, Coil Circle Range: straight 16-25 inches.
    3, main machine roller quantity:
    4, drive axle quantity: 3
    5, adjustable axle quantity: 3
    6, main axle rotational speed: 17.5 revolution/minute
    7, Lower Roller axle rotational speed: 33.6 revolution/minute
    8, weight: About 13000KG
    9, CONTOUR DIMENSION: 3700X2350x2800mm



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